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3 Best Free Hosting Provider 2017

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Let me cut to the chase

I’ve narrowed it down to three providers where I’ve personally used, tested, and have experienced using. We use different hosting types depending on our needs. When we only need a very small amount of hosting resources for our website, we may want to consider using the free ones as they are sufficient enough just to run about anything we have, e.g. a small landing page, small blog, resume site, etc. But there are free hosting providers that can do the job just fine.

Why three?

To simply make it uncomplicated and easy. Listing every free webhosting defeats the purpose of the blog – “Best Free”. These three are just enough to host a simple site.


So without any further ado…





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Disk Space

2000 MB


100 GB

Number of Websites


Uptime Guarantee


MySQL Databases


FTP Users



Sadly, they don’t offer email services for the free account anymore. An announcement was sent via email on the 5th of April that they will be shutting down their email services.

Here’s the quoted message:

Hi Ernest,

We’re proud to have created almost unlimited free web hosting that many of you use and love. However, over the past years, we’ve learned that in order to be able to provide extraordinary service for our paying customers we need to focus. Our email service was constantly being abused by users who are sending spam and damaging reputation of our email delivery system. With this in mind, we had to make a difficult decision.

On the 30th of April, we’re shutting down webmail service for Hostinger free hosting plans.

This information is also available on their pricing page – email features are x-ed out.

WordPress Optimized

They also advertised that for their hosting, it is optimized for WordPress. With 100GB of bandwidth every month and uptime of 99%, their free account should be more than enough to host a small blogging site.

Using their free hosting for my WordPress site gives me a Limit Resource Reached error message when I install multiple plugins. But that does not happen all the time. Since this is free, of course we expect limited resources will be provided.


Hosting Removal

Please also note that when your site has not received any visitors in a month, or there’s no uploaded site, you will be notified by of the account removal. Well, this could mean that they only want an active and working site for their free account.

Overall, as a free hosting provider, they offer a very decent resource to run your small site. If you’d like to give them a try, go ahead and sign-up here.





This is actually powered by Hostinger Cloud, and I would say, is performing better than This is primarily based from my experience when uploading and installing WordPress themes and plugins. With 000webhost, I almost never experience the “reached resource limit” message.

The complete lists of features are listed here. But I also listed some of the basic specs:

Disk Space

1000 MB


10000 MB = 10 GB!

Websites allowed


The allocated server resource should be enough to run every WordPress themes – I have tried Divi and the Extra theme from Elegantthemes.

File transfer is easy to use, fast, and allows you to edit files right there!

While they don’t offer a full POP/IMAP email services, 5 email forwarders are available for their free account. Although I actually expected to have full email service, as it was advertised, I guess I couldn’t complain for a free account and unlike who has shut down this free service.


2. x10hosting

This offers an actual cPanel for free! While and 000webhost have their own custom control panel, which is not bad, x10hosting provides the cpanel even for free accounts. Though a user has an option to switch between the x10 Basic or the cpanel x3.

As for the specs, here’s a screenshot from cpanel showing, I guess the actual allocated server resource:

Their free account requires a user to at least login once a month or it will be closed. I also tried to login under VPN and it didn’t let me in. According to their terms, it isn’t allowed. 🙁

As for email accounts and some stuff, here’s what I could pull up:

Email Accounts




Parked Domains


Addon Domains


FTP Accounts


MySQL Databases


Final thoughts

It’s definitely okay to use any of the three, however, I noticed that 000webhost has fewer restrictions. x10hosting on the other hand restricts a lot and sometimes will give a resource limit reached error message. And with, although they no longer offer email services, is I would say, decent for my liking.

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