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8 Best and Easy to use Sites for Copyright free images

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Images. Pictures. Graphics.

Yes. We need them to add life to our contents, to make our ads more interesting, and to make everything pleasing to the eyes.


If the image is owned by someone, and/or protected by a copyright, and you use it without their consent/permission, then you might get into trouble – legally. So to save ourselves from any DMCA notices, let’s be safe and use copyright free images.


The person who associated a work with this deed has dedicated the work to the public domain by waiving all of his or her rights to the work worldwide under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights, to the extent allowed by law.

You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.


Image by: Beata Ratuszniak | Source: Unsplash

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More than one source

None of the sites that offer copyright free images have everything we need or looking for. So if we consider getting them from more than one source, we’ll have a better chance of finding the image we may need.


This is, I guess, my personal favorite. Search function is available for high-quality images.


I’ve been using this site since I learned what copyright means, and I’ve always found the picture I need. What’s more convenient is that the site allows downloading images in different resolutions. This saves me time in editing or resizing.

Attribution is not required and you’re free to use the images for personal or even commercial use. For more information about Creative Common images, please check this site:


I believe every blog post about copyright free images loves to include Unsplash.

They seriously have stunning images and they have a “do whatever you want” thing with their collection. Also licensed under Creative Common Zero, which can be used without attribution to the authors.

Images are downloaded to its highest resolution available, so resizing is done manually.


Aside from images, they also have vectors, and art illustrations to offer.

Image by: tpsdave | Source: Pixabay

Like Pexels and Unsplash, they also offer a no attribution required for their images. However, should you wish to support the photographer/artist, you may donate through PayPal which they termed as ‘Coffee’. So if you click on the coffee button on a particular picture, you’ll be redirected to a PayPal payment screen.

The images are also high-quality and is under CC0.



This is one has a very incredible collection of images that will make you smile.

The pictures are creatively made by the talented Ryan McGuire.

It appears that he didn’t specifically offered the pictures under CC0, but he has his own terms or use.

And yeah… He did say his pictures. 😀

I linked that image to his PayPal donate page should you feel like showing him your appreciation.



The images are stunning and high-quality. I got to admit, there’s one time I spent half a day on their site just looking for  pictures out of amazement.

The site’s layout is direct to the point, you want images, you get it. So far, I liked every pictures in their collection.

All images are also under the Creative Commons Zero license, so no attribution or asking of permission needed to use the images.


Their site is trendy and cool, picture collection is really stunning.

Image by: jervis_ding | Source: lifeofpix

The site has a very simple search function and they also offer free videos!

Their images are also under the CC0 license, they can be used for both personal and commercial use. 🙂



The images are mostly stunning, and what I’ve found so far are interesting photos.

Image by: Martin | Source: libreshot

The images are also under CC0. The site’s licensing information stated that we can use the pictures and the site at our own risk! Well, that’s interesting. 🙂



Founded by Daniel Nanescu. Splitshire has clean and artistic pictures in their collection.

They didn’t necessarily state in their licensing page that the images are under CC0, nevertheless, we’re free to use it for our projects without getting into any legal troubles.


Final Thoughts

Salute to the guys/gals behind the concept of “free use”, they’re making this world a better place. 😀


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