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Memra Project is practically a new blog site(even the blogger) so I’m still trying to figure things out. If you need to say anything to me, I will love to hear those!

I want to submit a guest post.

Sure thing! Just send me a message and we’ll talk about it. Though I only accept articles related to tech stuff.

I want to be a regular/seasonal author.

My doors are open to any possibilities, but I can’t promise any compensation as of yet. You are welcome to send me a message and we’ll talk about the details.

I have a quick question.

You are welcome to utilize the chat function of this site – the messages will be sent to my Slack and I can attend to it quickly than my email. Or, you could also send us a message via our Social Media accounts:

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I want to advertise.

We welcome paid advertisement, though we may need to discuss the details first, so shoot me a message and I will get back to you.


I want to sponsor a blog topic.

Tell me what it is about and we’ll see if it coincides within Memra Project’s interests.

Need to send me a message?

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