A text message has 140 characters. A character consists of 8 bits which is equivalent to 1 byte.

There are 1024 bytes in 1KB.

1024KB in 1 MB.

1024MB in 1GB and so on…

So how many bytes in 1 Gigabyte? 1,073,741,824 bytes. Then how many 140-character SMS can we send in 1 GB?

1,073,741,824 bytes / 140 = 7,669,584.457142857

That’s 7,669,584 text messages in 1GB!

Spaces included, yes, included.

In my country(The Philippines), the regular price per SMS is Php1.00 or USD 0.019

If you’ve sent a GB worth of SMS in your life to date(assuming that you sent SMS under regular rate), you’ve probably spent about Php7.6M or about USD146,939.56(Google currency conversion as of Feb. 2019).

We have an SMS promo for approximately USD2.00 that offers unlimited SMS for 7 days. But this is subject to their fair use policy that if you exceed their “normal” usage, they’ll automatically cancel your subscription.

Different countries may have their own SMS pricing scheme. You can definitely compute how much does it cost to send a GB worth of SMS.

First, simply compute how much do you actually pay per SMS. i.e. if your network operator charges $25 per 1000 SMS, you’re paying $0.025 per 140 characters message.

Multiply that to 7,669,584 and you’ll get $191,739.60 ~ 1GB

My only point is it’s expensive. It’s the network’s business model and we subscribed. I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s just expensive!