Well, why not? WordPress is basically a CMS(content management system).

…and what am I talking about?

It’s about having your own website. As of February 2019, WordPress powers 33.1% of websites according to W3techs.

There are things to consider once you have decided to have your own website i.e the cost, who’s going to maintain it, developer’s cost, etc. Let’s talk about a few:

1. Installation.

If you’ve hired a developer to build a site for you from scratch, they’ll probably charge ~Php200,000.00 or more. Depending on the complexity of your site’s requirements, it may go up. WordPress, on the other hand, is practically cheap to set up and customise. Some freelancers may charge about $50 for the complete installation. Or you can do it yourself for free and then just hire someone for the design and the development.

2. Domain

This is basically your site’s name. Some may range from free(provided by your hosting) to ~$12 for a .com. I recommend Namecheap’s service.

3. Hosting

This is where you will house your website’s files. This is technically the server where you will have to point your domain name. It’s a subscription-based business model that requires you to pay yearly or monthly. Price may range from ~$3 to ~$50 a month. Namecheap is what we use to host this blog and we never had any issues or downtime.

4. Developer

This is probably the most expensive part of having a website. Developers’ may rate their services per hour or per project. The price will be different per developer.

5. Maintenance

Your project doesn’t stop when your site has gone live or the developer has provided you with some training on how to update your website. Due to constant bug fixes, software updates, etc, your site has to be up to date and well maintained constantly. You may have to be in touch with your developer after they have finished the development. But they may do it for free or charge you with tech support.

If you’d rather have a site developed from scratch, that’s when this web development gets too expensive and may take a year or two to complete. How about maintaining it? If you’ll do it yourself, you’re going to be dealing with codes(some developers may create a system for you, but that’s too costly) and edit them per line.

Or just go with WordPress, the learning curve won’t be as long as learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.